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ce. He was the ancest■or of another Cromwell, far more cel●ebrated than Henry VIII.'s vicegerent. Othe●r two were Thomas Legh and John Ap●price, the most daring o

f the colleagues of the■ king's ministers; besides other individ■uals of well known ability. The vic●egerent handed to them the i●nstructions for their guidance, the questi

ons● they were to put to the monks, and the injuncti●ons they were to impose on the abbots a●nd priors; after which they separated on thei●r mission. The Unive

rsities, wh●ich sadly neede

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d a reform, were not● overlooked by Henry and his ●representative. Since the time when ●Garret, the priest of a London parish, circulat●ed the New Testament at Oxfor●d, the sacred volume had been ba■nished from that city, as well ●as the Beggar's Petition and othe●r evangelical writings. Slumber had f●ollowed the awakening. The members ■of the univer

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